Wholistic pediatric practicioner

A new diagnostic and therapeutic approach in pediatrics

The holistic children therapy offers, based on the wisdom of Chinese medicine, new possibilities in the treatment of children. Did you know, for example, hat a supposed "learning disability" can be caused by food allergies or by so-called "remaining pathogenic factors" that can remain after a cold, childhood illnes or vaccinations? Did you know there are acupressure points to support the natural development of children? With the knowledge of these relations you will be able to replace the symptomatic treatment with the causative treatment.


You will learn new diagnostic and therapeutic methods for the treatment of:
sensory processing disorders, behavioral disorders, developmental delays, hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder (Asperger's) autism, learning disabilities and mental retardations, epilepsy, dyslexia, sleep disturbances, bedwetting, Down's syndrome, persistent primary reflexes, etc.

Training content:
Introduction to the energetics of the body, child development from the perspective of Chinese medicine, qi gong exercises, detailed practical section with exercises for self-discovery and clinical practise.

treatment of acupuncture points with gentle methods such as acupressure, phonophoresis (vibration therapy with tuning forks), laser acupuncture, Jin Shin Jiutsu, Qi Gong, Yoga, Bach Flower Therapy.

The training is a continuing education and is designed for: occupational therapists, acupuncturists, medical practitioners, pediatricians, physical therapists and related professions.


Introductory Course (2 days):
You will receive an overview of the fundamentals and applications of the method, and an introduction to the 3 basic treatments that are immediately applicable.

Basic Course (5 days):
Introduction to Chinese medicine and diagnostics, diagnose and treatment of concentration and attention deficit disorders, learning disabilities, developmental delays, dyslexia, anxiety in children, etc.. including 2 days of clinical practice.

Clinical Practice (2 weekends):
In the clinical practice you learn to apply the learned methods of therapy to the patient. During the training you will see the same patient several times, so that you can track his development.

Advanced Course (4 days):
Deepening the knowledge, specific treatment of (Asperger's) autism, epilepsy, dyslexia, sleep disturbances, bedwetting, Down's syndrome, otitis media, sleep disturbances, eczema in infants and young children, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy and polio, myopia, strabismus, nocturnal enuresis .



Seminar United States:
School of Healing Arts
Mittelstr. 14
42799 Leichlingen 

Seminar United States:
Jump-In Therapy & Wellness Center
10400 Hamburg Rd, PO Box 205
Hamburg MI 48139


Introductory course € 270
Basic course € 1170
Advanced course € 540


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